Annie’s Angels Chris’ Pets for Vets

What is Annie’s Angels Chris’ Pet for Vets?

PMHS is proud to partner with Annie’s Angels Chris’ Pets for Vets. The program was created to honor the memory of Christoper Journeau and to help raise awareness about PTSD. The love of a companion animal can make a tremendous difference in the life of a veteran, especially one who is suffering from PTSD. Annie’s Angels Chris’ Pet for Vets are generously sponsoring a part or all of your adoption fee of animals adopted from the Cocheco Valley Humane Society for veterans and active military members.

How do I qualify for the Program?

To qualify for the program please bring your military ID, DD-214, or DD-256 with you to the shelter when you come to adopt. Adopters must meet Cocheco Valley Humane Society’s requirements in order to adopt. You must also be able to provide financially for the well-being of the animal including food and veterinary care.

How can I donate to this program?

To donate money to help sponsor adoption fees for veterans, as well as to learn more about the program, please Click Here.

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