Sensory Explorer Sessions

Left side of image has text that says "Sensory Explorers Barrington Barks and Behavior LLC Providing opportunities for your dog to use all of their senses, facilitating relaxation and wellbeing" The right side has an image of a dog sniffing some flowers that are white, purple, and orange.

PMHS-CV recently partnered with Barrington Barks and Behavior!

Barrington Barks and Behavior runs a Sensory Explorers program that our shelter dogs can benefit from. Each Sensory Explorers session allows the dog to explore and engage with their surroundings in a low-stress way that inspires curiosity and boosts confidence. Being in a shelter environment, dogs aren’t given many opportunities to make choices without human interference. When they attend a Sensory Explorers session, however, they have the chance to explore sights, sounds, textures, and smells in a way that is completely up to them. This makes for happier, less stressed dogs when they return to the shelter.


Case Study: Gryff

Gryff was lucky enough to be gifted a session in early November and had a wonderful time! After spending several months in shelter care, Gryff was recently adopted. During his Sensory Explorers session, Gryff was able to get out some of his extra energy in a way he often isn’t able to at the shelter. He was able to explore the space however he chose, occasionally going back to the familiar presence and safety of Caryn, our Assistant Shelter Manager and Foster Care Coordinator, who brought him there for his session. Being in the room with your dog during these sessions, without being intrusive, helps them to explore the enriched environment as they choose, with the knowledge that you’ll be there if they need you.

Our Partnership

As part of our partnership with Barrington Barks and Behavior, we’re being offered a discounted rate for Sensory Explorer Sessions for our shelter dogs! This is a great opportunity that will provide many benefits to our dogs. Donations made to our shelter can go to a wide range of things to help us to best care for the animals in our care, and this new program is no exception! Make a donation today!


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