Lost & Found Pets

What To Do If Your Pet Is Missing

Submit a Lost Pet Report with the form below. You can also email [email protected] with any further questions.

There are ways to help ensure that if your pet becomes lost, it can be identified and reunited with you as quickly as possible:

I.D. Tags: Dogs, as well as cats, should wear a collar and I.D. tag that contains your pet’s name and your contact information. Many ‘indoor only’ cats make their way to PMHS, an I.D. would enable animal control officers or neighbors to quickly identify and return your pet to you.

Microchip: In the event your pet becomes lost, any shelter or veterinarian can easily identify the owner with the use of a scanner and a nationwide registry. Never worry about your pet losing a collar again. Contact your veterinarian to learn more!

If your pet becomes lost:

1. Contact your local and surrounding police departments, animal control, and veterinarians to file a report.

2. File a lost pet report with PMHS (below) and other humane societies in your area. Tell us/them where your pet was lost and all important identifying characteristics including size, age, weight, color, and any distinguishing markings.

3. If the missing pet is a dog, file a lost dog report with Granite State Dog Recovery services.

4. If the missing pet is a cat, be sure to search thoroughly on your property, as well as your neighbors’ properties. Check under porches, in garages, and anywhere else that a cat might hide. Search multiple times a day and double check places where you’ve already looked.

5. Post on social media pages with your pet’s photo and descriptions. Remember to include both your daytime and evening contact information.

6. Check your local Facebook pages for reports of found pets. You may also consider placing an ad of your own AND checking with your neighbors.

If you FIND a pet:

If you have found a dog, you will need to contact the Police Department of the town the dog was found in.

If you found a cat, click here to complete a Found Cat report.

Call PMHS at 603-749-5322 ext.108 for more information about where to bring a lost pet and, if necessary, to schedule an appointment for the animal to come to the shelter.

Lost Pet Report

  • Owner Information

  • Location Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Include address, landmarks, anything relevant
  • Pet Information

  • Please include years and/or months
  • Example: all black, tiger, tortie, calico, brindle
  • Example: white paws, black tip on tail, any physically distinguishing features
  • Example: blind, three legs, other medical or physical issues that might help in identification or treatment upon arrival
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
    If you do not have a photo handy or would like to send additional photos, please email [email protected] with your name, your pet's name and the town lost in the subject line. Accepted file types: jpg | jpeg | gif | png | doc | pdf

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