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Congratulations on taking the first step towards adoption! We’re committed to matching adopters with pets that are suitable to their situation and needs. Because of this, please be prepared to answer questions about your life, your home, and how you plan to care for your pet. Your answers to these questions will help us match you with the right pet for you. The care of a pet is more than just providing food, water, and shelter – It is a commitment for the lifetime of that animal.

The Adoption Center continues to have limited hours of operation. If you choose to come during walk-in hours, we still highly recommend submitting an online application for pre-approval.

Please note our adoption pages are REAL TIME, so as soon as an animal is adopted, it will “disappear” from the website.

Featured Pet: Oswald

Oswald is a bundle of wiggles known for his fun-loving personality and zest for adventure! At just 2 years old, he makes the ideal companion for an active household. He thrives on activity and stimulation and makes the perfect partner for outdoor adventures, long walks and engaging play sessions. Oswald has a passion for play, always ready to chase after his favorite toys with unmatched enthusiasm! His playful nature is truly contagious and very entertaining.

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