Surrender a Pet

What Do I Do If I Can No Longer Care For My Pet?

At Pope Memorial Humane Society, our goal is to see companion animals and their owners together for a lifetime. Sadly, due to life’s circumstances, this goal is not always attainable.

If you find yourself needing to surrender your pet, PMHS is here for you. We realize that surrendering a pet can be a difficult and heartbreaking decision. Accepting surrendered animals and working to place them in new and loving homes is an important part of our mission.

As a part of this community’s safety net for homeless animals, we depend on YOU, our community members, not only for our financial support but also to partner with us in planning for our admissions so that we are able to save as many animals as possible. To do this, however, requires that we admit animals by appointment only to ensure that we have a safe and appropriate place to put your pet. In some cases, especially during the summer, we may have a waiting list. If you have decided to surrender your pet to us, you will be asked to sign a release form giving us ownership of the animal. Once you have signed the release statement, you may not reclaim your pet, so please be sure that you are certain about your decision for you and your pet. You are welcome to call us to check on the pet’s status.

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To Surrender a Pet to the Shelter

Complete the form labeled Pet Surrender Inquiry Form.

Intake appointments of your pet(s) is based off of available space. ALL intakes are by appointment only. We cannot accept walk-ins. 

Please do not abandon a pet outside the shelter when we are not open. It is unlawful to abandon animals under RSA 644:8. Not only is abandonment illegal and very dangerous for the pet, but its chances of being adopted are significantly better if you provide us with the historical and behavioral information we’ll ask of you when you surrender the pet. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Pet Personality Profile

We will ask you to fill out a personality profile about your pet. The information about its health, behavior, habits, likes, and dislikes is really helpful to people considering your pet for adoption and helps us decide what kind of home would be best for it.

Please be honest when answering these questions; let us know if your pet has a history of biting, refuses to use the litter box, has a serious or chronic medical condition, or any other problem. Your answers help to determine whether or not your animal should be put up for adoption. It is unfair to pass on severe behavioral or medical issues to another family.

Pet Medical Records

If an appointment is scheduled for your pet(s), please contact the veterinarian to allow release of records. You do not need to bring physical copies. We can always contact the vet directly to retrieve those. You can also ask your vet to send them directly to us. Email is preferred.

Our email is [email protected]

Our fax number is (603)749-5322

Suggested Donations

Your donation will go towards the care of your pet(s) while staying with us. This can be paid in cash, card, or check.


Dog $60

CAT $30

Small Animal $15

Surrender Inquiry Form

Please submit first!

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